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Hay and roughage

Our hay is specially made for horses. We provide roughage and advice on forage production for customers in the Nordic countries. On our page you will find information on the feeding of horses with rou

Pryde's EasiFeed

Nearly 30 years down the track, Pryde’s EasiFeed continues to stand as a proud Australian family business. Based in Gunnedah on the Liverpool plains, Pryde’s is the only facility of its type produ

Black Type Minerals Ltd

Black Type Minerals Limited. Natural Animal Supplements with FREE DELIVERY Nation Wide.

Paddock Safe

Paddock Safe is dedicated to equipping customers with quality products and dependable information that they can use to increase paddock safety for their horses and themselves on their equine propertie


Australia’s No1 supplement range. You can buy now at wholesale prices direct from NZ importer.


All-natural stem cell enhancer for horses.

PalaMountains Equine Bone and Joint Supplements

Liquid supplement containing Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Biotin for bone and joint health, mobility and hoof condition in horses.


Convenient, effective and safe, SealesWinslow’s Vitamin & Mineral Block with Garlic is an excellent supplement to pasture grazing and hay which will improve the health and vitality of your ho


Synchroflex New Zealand makes the Syncro range of supplements for superb human, canine and equine health. Our scientifically formulated products will help keep you, your horse and your dog in superb

Amocron Equine

Amacron New Zealand is a family-owned business committed to providing superior quality products and excelling in service to the Equine industry. Amacron New Zealand is dedicated to supplying and

AgriSea equine supplements

AgriSea Animal Health Nutrition is made up from the New Zealand native seaweed species (Ecklonia Radiata), and herbs which contains a complex range of bio-available minerals and nutrients to support A

Nettex Equine Care

The Nettex range offers leading quality horse care products for show competition, grooming, fly repellent, hoof care, mud fever, nutrition and wound care to name just a few! Nettex offers products for

Castle Hill Equine

Dressage lessons from beginner to advanced. Lessons available on Grand Prix dressage schoolmaster. Horses and ponies taken for dressage schooling. Short & long term quality grazing available.

Breed Ezy Foaling Alarms

Be ready for the new season. Made in New Zealand.

Rolfing for Horses, People and other Mammals

Rolfing is a customized therapeutic process that organizes the soft tissue around the structural elements (bones and skeletal system) to support movement and balance within the field of gravity. Rolfi


Reduce heat and humidity in your horse trailer during transport. State of the art technology developed in Australia. Increase the air flow an air exchange to improve a smooth quite filtered air flow.

Bowen Equine & Canine Therapy NZ

Releasing contracted muscles & ligaments giving freedom of movement for horses, dogs, humans & companion animals.


FeedXL does all the smart stuff that it takes to formulate and balance a horse’s diet. It combines all the science and math that a doctor of equine nutrition has to learn into a super-easy and f

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