Horse Bit Must Have! Unicorn Rainbow Bit - Eggbutt snaffle, French link mouth piece

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rainbow bit.jpg

Stunning looking, rainbow colour Titanium coated double-jointed, lozenge link eggbutt snaffle bit.

Flat rings.
Ring size: 75mm
Mouth sizes available:
>4 1/2″
>4 3/4″
>5 1/2″

>Titanium coated bits are very hard wearing and look incredible! But there are actual useful benefits which make this bit a great choice too. Titanium also acts in a similar way to copper in the horses mouth. Being relatively sweet-tasting, it encourages salivation and softness, encouraging the horse to be more accepting of the bit contact.

>Eggbutt is a FIXED CHEEK snaffle. Meaning mouthpiece is very still & steady in the mouth. For a rider who has unsteady hands or a bouncy seat (eg novice or child), this bit will help horse by not transmitting quite as many of those bumps & wobbles. Can also benefit inexperienced horse, not yet comfortable & confident enough to come forward into consistent, seeking contact. Also helps prevent pinching corners of mouth

>Double jointed (broken mouth) mouthpiece will conform around the tongue and place pressure more equally over the tongue, bars and lips. Any nutcracker effect is reduced & allows the rider independent control over the two sides of the mouth. Many horses are more comfortable with bits that conform around their mouth

Excellent ‘soft’ (kind) bit.

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