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Crushed Shell – A great base for horse lessons, jumping and dressage on Horse Arenas
Choosing the right base for a Horse Arena is important. Crushed Mussel Shell is the perfect solution as it packs down well and lasts for a long time.

Shell consists of lime and other trace elements such as calcium.
The natural process of weathering means colour bleaches out over time, leaving a nice white shell and is odourless.


Traditional sand arenas that are used often are usually made too deep for correct biomechanics of the horse’s limbs and can be the cause of many problems for the horse from tendon and ligament issues to back strain.
Latest research coming out of America suggests surfaces that the horse travels over rather than through are far superior for the correct functioning of the joints and ligaments of the limb plus the muscles of the hind end and lumbar region. The International Lameness Conference in Colorado, USA, has given information and seminars about this.

Shell gives the ideal surface as it is easy care, reduces concussion and provides an excellent non-slip surface whilst giving support to the hoof without giving way.

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